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"I don’t know what was in the last exercise you gave me, but since starting it I have had absolutely no pain in my back from my herniated disc. That is the first time I can say this in the past 20+ years. Thank you!" - Patrick

How New Ground Physical Therapy is Different

Providing excellent patient care from start to finish

You are an integral part of your care- a treatment plan is designed to fit into your life. Your feedback along the way allows the program to be tailored to the pace you need to be successful.

Priority scheduling- be able to schedule an appointment as often as needed, whether that is once a week or once a month. 

Sessions are longer than standard sessions- hour long sessions ensure plenty of time to fully understand new exercises and ask any questions you may have. 

Detailed follow-up instructions- within a day of your session you will receive a detailed plan written up just for you with what to work on before your next session.   

Help as needed- any questions you have in-between sessions will be answered quickly, usually within one business day.

Providing answers for patients who continue to experience chronic pain

Resolving Chronic Conditions-  specializing in chronic and complex pain for patients with multiple sites of pain and multi-system dysfunction. Find relief through reconnecting your body, restoring normal function to resolve your symptoms.

Changing the focus- we look at the body as a whole which helps find the root cause of the limitations or pain.

Avoiding surgery or more surgeries- often surgery helps for a little bit but the pain comes back because the original issues were not addressed. Continued improper muscle usage or movement patterns will often require additional surgeries in the future. Our focus is to retrain the body to avoid the need for surgery in the first place. 

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