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Brian Coleman Physical Therapist


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) - Eastern Washington University 2014

Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) - Postural Restoration Institute 2019

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)- National Strength and Conditioning Association 2023

Brian has over 600 hours of postdoctoral education.

He has taken all of the courses PRI currently has to offer (25 in total) including:

Advanced Integration

Cranial Resolution

Cervical Revolution

Impingement & Instability

Occlusal Restoration

Postural Respiration

Postural-Visual Integration

Voice Box Resonation

Specialty courses for fitness, pediatrics, geriatrics, gait

He has over 15,000 patient care hours working with over 8,000 unique individuals. He has had the opportunity to work with people of all ages from various backgrounds and abilities including professional basketball, baseball, and football players, Olympians, and dancers.

He is a certified clinical instructor and regularly lectures at Pacific University as part of the special lecture series for third year doctoral students of physical therapy.


After experiencing a herniated disc that caused chronic debilitating pain and led to severe digestive restrictions, Brian discovered the Postural Restoration Institute. Using their techniques he was able to completely alleviate all of his back pain, fix his digestive issues, and address other chronic conditions he had throughout his life.

The Approach

Learn to restore freedom in your body

Often patients have tried physical therapy in the past but have not experienced full relief from their original symptoms. They were given long lists of generic exercises they perform for years and while they may feel some improvement, they never really solve the issue or their symptoms return once they stop the exercises. Brian's unique approach to physical therapy is different- he considers how all systems of the body interact. By evaluating alignment, movement patterns, and compensatory strategies that contribute to your symptoms Brian can give specific and individualized techniques to correct the dysfunctional patterns. He gets you back to your daily activities quickly by resolving the root issue. 


People can get stuck in patterns of tension that lead to overuse of tissues in the body. This overuse creates pain and dysfunction. There is often a lost connection with something in their body that they did not know they were missing or did not know how to find. Our nervous system relies on sensory input to manage stress and pressure in our body. Once we help you reconnect these pathways through movement retraining or hands-on manual techniques people experience immediate improvement in movement options and set the stage for healing in their bodies. Your brain will now recognize these new options as more efficient patterns as we help you integrate them into your life. This becomes the solution to long lasting problems. 

What is Postural Restoration?

For more information about the Postural Restoration Institute

check out their website here.

"Brian is terrific! He explained everything to me and listened to me. He really knows his work and helped me reach my goals."
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